Bryce Maddock

CEO at TaskUs – Los Angeles, USA

We hired Stephen at TaskUs in the beginning of 2012. He worked with my business partner, myself and our team for the entire year. Over the course of the year we doubled our revenue and grew our team rapidly. The principles that Stephen taught us were directly responsible for much of this success. Highly, highly recommend working with him.

Sean Cunningham

Co-Founder and UX Creative Director at Fresh LLC – Boston, USA

Having sat through many corporate strategic sessions in the past I am here to tell you that working with Stephen completely changes my perception of the validity of taking on these endeavors in the first place. Stephen brings his vast experience to the table in such a manner that you know it is going to be a collaborative effort versus a preaching session. He has the uncanny ability to extract the most from you. It has been one of the most illuminating sessions I have had in my professional life and feel that much more armed with insight as I move forward in my career. Kudos and recommendations abound.

Jonathan Davis

CEO at HireBetter – Austin, USA

As a CEO, I often feel like I’m standing on an island. Having Stephen alongside me as an Executive Coach, Accountability Partner and Advisor has been game-changing. The single greatest endorsement I can provide on Stephen’s behalf is that through his coaching, counsel on infrastructure and his operational background, he was able to help me get my company set up in such a way that I was able to vacation with my family overseas for 5 weeks and never once worry that things weren’t being handled by my Senior Leadership Team.

John Spence

Top 100 Global Leadership Speaker and Author – Gainesville, USA

I’ve known Stephen for almost seven years and would count him among the most talented professionals I have ever worked with. His expertise in the area of strategy and strategic execution is unparalleled. I have used his book Business Execution for RESULTS with many of my clients as it is considered one of the best books on this topic in the entire consulting industry. Stephen Lynch is one of only a very few consultants that I trust and respect enough to have him work with my clients.

Jeremy Goddin

Business Development Manager at Aurora Process Solutions – Hamilton, New Zealand

We have had the great opportunity to have Stephen assisting us with our strategic planning and execution. Stephen was extremely helpful, his insights and subject knowledge is excellent and we found his ability to distill it down to a practical and functional level is exceptional. I can’t say enough great things about how he has helped our organization. We have found him very inspirational and his clarity and competency fantastically refreshing. He is positive, enthusiastic, professional, highly structured and obviously well disciplined, and a genuine great guy to deal with.

Anna Schubert

Head of Retail Distribution at Sovereign Insurance – Auckland, New Zealand

I engaged Stephen to speak at our conference in New Zealand as a keynote speaker. He is deliberate and purposeful with his engagement and lives the adage of truly understanding the customer’s world before he puts forward a suggestion. He made the time to connect on a regular basis prior to the conference to learn more about our industry and how to deliver a relevant message to the audience. His keynote delivery was impactful and had the audience consider the importance of their strategy in an ever-changing world. I highly recommend Stephen for any of your Conference or strategy needs.

Joshua McKee

President/CEO at Atlas Staffing – Spokane, USA

I’ve been fortunate to have many wonderful mentors along the way that have helped me see the need to grow and be better. However, seeing the need to be better is only the beginning, you must learn the “how” as well. So many business books, consultants, etc do a great job of showing you what’s wrong with something but do a very poor job of providing a road map that shows the way to doing it right. Stephen’s strategy and vision modules, as well as his personal consultations, have been absolutely essential in our pursuit of the “how” in becoming the company we want to be. While Stephen has a certainty and clarity backed by years of research and experience he’s able to balance that with a deference and accommodation to his client that helped guide us to the sweet spot of where we want to take this company.

Shilo Jones

Director of Ecommerce at Dolan NW – Seattle, USA

I’ve had the good opportunity to work with Stephen and I can’t say enough great things about how he has helped our organization with our strategic planning and execution. Stephen’s insights helped us tighten our focus and improve the clarity of the story we are telling. Stephen is also an all around great guy that is truly passionate about the work he does.

David McCullough

General Manager at ARTeSYN Biosolutions – Dublin, Ireland

Stephen is an excellent facilitator that really creates interaction between our team and ensures that we are confident in the decisions we have made.


David Hadley

Sales Support Manager at Sovereign Insurance – Auckland, New Zealand

We engaged Stephen to speak at our conference to deliver a keynote presentation and 3 workshops. In the months leading up to the conference, Stephen regularly made himself available for us to work with him in order to ensure the examples he wove in with his material were relevant for our audience. Stephen is a world class speaker and delivered his key messages crisply and clearly, and our delegates were buzzing with anticipation about putting Stephen’s tools into action. I would highly recommend Stephen to anyone who is looking to improve their business outcomes or drive results within their organisation.


Jamie Powter

Sales Director at Rivercity Solutions – Brisbane, Australia

We wanted the absolute best opportunity we could create for our annual planning session. Stephen facilitated our leadership team expertly with keen insight and support for our process.

I would recommend Stephen to any business that wants to provide clarity and purpose to their planning activities. Our net result was a unified short/medium and long term vision for the business with strategies and goals to progress.


Dr. Stefanie Carnes, Ph.D.

Senior Fellow at The Meadows of Wickenburg – Phoenix, USA

Stephen assisted my company with strategic planning. He was very professional and did an excellent job. I would highly recommend him!


Andrew Ritchie

KPI Specialist at RESULTS.com – Auckland, New Zealand

As a thought leader Stephen is outstanding, he constantly produces content which benefits thousands of subscribers on a weekly basis. It has been an honour working with him and being able to learn first hand from his fountain of knowledge. Working with Stephen keeps you on your toes and challenges you to think differently every day, a fantastic experience, as a client or colleague you will be better off from working with Stephen. On an operational level, quite simply, Stephen delivers. His capacity for work is endless, constantly creating, evolving, improving and documenting processes to ensure the business is always moving forward, his attention to detail and not just doing things right but doing the right things is phenomenal. Stephen is one of the most relentless learners and creators I have had the pleasure of working with and you can only lift your own game working with him. As the RESULTS.com business has evolved Stephen has turned his attention to new areas of knowledge and increased his expertise even further. I am fortunate to have learned from a master and am better off from working with and for Stephen. I am even more fortunate to have him as a friend.


Nate Wolfson

CEO at Digital Bungalow – Salem, USA

Stephen worked closely with me and my management team to help us create and define our strategic plan. I learned a lot from Stephen, I enjoyed working with him, and he did a great job facilitating our quarterly management team meeting. Stephen is bright, highly structured, and consistently follows through on his commitments. I highly recommend him.


Zane Safrit

Director, MBA Career Services at Maharishi University of Management – Fairfield, Iowa

Stephen’s the leader you trust because he delivers on his promises. I’ve seen him over the past 7+ years address and deliver solutions for a multitude of business challenges for clients around the world and his own company serving those clients. His leadership is one that encourages engagement, participation, enthusiasm, passion, and commitment. People like to be held accountable, especially with a leader like Stephen who sets a clear direction, communicates openly and clearly, gives people the tools they need, helps others help themselves. And in those tough situations leaders often face, he’s a friend who delivers on his promises of integrity, confidentiality, heart and sage advice.


Colin Coggins

SVP Sales at Bitium – Los Angeles, USA

Stephen is the best C.O.O. I have ever had the privilege of working under. He is insightful, to say the least. His leadership ability is such that allows you the freedom grow, the mentorship to flourish, and the knowledge to take on anything that comes my way. I have learned so much from Stephen, not just by his teachings but by his actions. I have never met such a dedicated, proactive, and driven individual. He exudes talent in every way, shape, and form. Some people tell you what to do, Stephen nurtures and trains you to be able to make those decisions on your own. I can honestly attest a majority, if not all of my success at RESULTS.com to Stephen. All that Stephen is and has to offer deserves more accolades than any mantle can handle, but the fact that he does with such humility, grace, and expertise is what makes him amazing. RESULTS.com is so so very lucky to have Stephen, I don’t know what we would do without him! And I consider myself the luckiest of them all to have the privilege of working directly underneath him.


Kendall Langston

CEO at Advisory Works – Christchurch, New Zealand

Stephen is quite an amazing person to work with. His work rate, ethic, and professional standards are incredibly high. He is a disciplined, focused talented consultant, writer, and leader. Stephen has spearheaded the company in the USA and has had a big part in growing the RESULTS.com brand. As a consultant, he builds strong long term relationships and he has mastered the skill of delivering complex services virtually using technology. On top of all that he is a good bloke, contributing fully as one of the senior leaders in RESULTS.com and always willing to share, assist and take on important parts of our growth strategy. I personally have learned a lot from him and I interact weekly with people from around the world who tell me that he makes a real positive difference for them in their challenging roles too.


Sam Reed

CEO & Co-Founder at AchieveCard – Austin, USA

Stephen is an execution rock star!  We are more connected as a team and more focused and aligned in our execution. I feel fortunate to have Stephen guide and moderate our decision making and strategic goals.


David Harris

Co-Founder at Odeeva, Los Angeles, USA

I cannot speak highly enough of Stephen. He enabled us to think far more clearly about our objectives, how to stay on track, how to hire/fire intelligently and how to truly take responsibility for our actions. I would HIGHLY recommend Stephen. I truly believe that ALL companies, big and small, will benefit from his expertise

Mike Fritz

CEO at DWFritz Automation Inc – Portland, USA.

I highly recommend Stephen and the Results.com process to help grow and improve your business. He has helped us develop our strategy and fine-tuned our execution with excellent results! Stephen was very professional and clearly knows how he can best bring value to his clients. The whole process has taken our company to another level!


Rex Houlihan

President at Northstar Express Freight – Washington DC, USA

Stephen has introduced new concepts that consistently produce results. His thorough well planned approach has generated a greater focus for the entire team. Stephen brings a unique energy & vitality to every meeting. If one is seeking measurable results and a greater return from your team, I would encourage you to contact Stephen.


Michael Tanguay

Senior VP Sales and Engineering at DW Fritz Automation – Portland, USA.

Stephen was instrumental to DWFritz and significantly helped move our business forward. Stephen guided the management team through many challenging exercises and coached the team throughout the process. Stephen used real-world examples, data, and his keen ability to understand complex business problems during the coaching process. I highly recommend Stephen.


Dan Clifford

Co-Founder and Managing Partner at AnswerLab – San Francisco, USA

Stephen has helped us set and accomplish a number of important strategic priorities. Stephen is a skilled facilitator that consistently keeps our management team focused on setting and executing against strategic goals. I’ve seen lots of consultants that help with strategic planning, but very few that add value in driving execution. I appreciate that Stephen has helped enable us to execute on a number of important, measurable, lasting changes in our business.


Laura Davis

President at Strategic Consulting Solutions, Knoxville, USA

Through working with Stephen, we have undergone a major transformation in how we run the business. Our clients have even commented on how much more professional and more mature our business looks. It’s been one of the best investments we’ve made in the business. I’ve noticed that I carry some of the same thought techniques to working on various projects.


David Norris

Director of Operations at Strategic Consulting Solutions, Knoxville, USA

My colleagues and I have worked with Stephen for over a year on high level business initiatives and we could not be more pleased. His professionalism and commitment to our success has been evident throughout the process. I would highly recommend Stephen and his services to other companies.


Sturdy McKee

CEO at SF Sport & Spine PT – San Francisco, USA

Our experience with Stephen and Results.com has been one of the major successes in running our company. We had a good basis in core values, our why, basically our vision. We were struggling with execution and real engagement. What we’ve gotten from our relationship with Results and Stephen is a revamped strategy created collaboratively with our team, enhancing engagement and buy in around our strategy and execution. It’s been a truly remarkable transition for us, and we owe a great deal of that to Stephen and the Results.com process. It hasn’t been all flowers and butterflies. It’s been hard work, working through discomfort and pain. But like going through rehab, the compliance and discipline demanded by Stephen is reaping great rewards and results. The payoff is well worth the discomfort and the energy spent on the process.


Mark Cave

CEO at eBridge – Los Angeles, USA

Stephen and the Results.com team have been an absolute revelation to our company. We (like most companies, I’ll warrant) were convinced we knew who we were, what we were doing, and where we were going. It became apparent we didn’t know as much as we thought at all. But now we do. Thanks to the excellent work of Stephen and the Results.com team, I can honestly say that our company (one of America’s fastest growing companies for 3 years in a row) is on an even greater path to success than we were before. The team is 100% aligned, we all know our goal, our next steps, and what’s going to get us there.


Dan Caulfield

Angel Investor – San Diego, USA

I pride myself on strategic planning. I can honestly say I have never been as impressed with a service provider. Results.com and Stephen, in particular, is absolutely the best money I have ever spent. ROI is immediate.


Mike Del Ponte

Founder & CEO at Soma – San Francisco, USA

Stephen is someone who gets results. He has expert knowledge on strategic planning and execution. He is very organized and dedicated. Working with him took my business to the next level. Before working with Stephen we did not have clarity on our long-term vision and goals. Stephen helped us to build the strategy from the ground up and to execute on our plan. If you have the opportunity to work with Stephen, I would highly recommend it.

Tania Greig

Founder, Publisher, Editor at FitnessLife Magazine – Auckland, New Zealand

I have known Stephen for over 20 years and our careers have crossed paths several times during this period. Stephen is a highly competent professional who excels at everything he does and consistently achieves results. His strengths include his superior communication skills (both written and verbal), intelligent, quick and analytical assessment of material presented to him, the ability to develop extensive networks, and the ability to research a wealth of information then present it in bite-size chunks to ensure its accessibility to his audience. An accomplished presenter, Stephen is extremely focused, disciplined and totally committed to continual self-improvement in business and life. He’s an all-round positive person to be around, who motivates and inspires his colleagues, team and clients. Loyalty in friendship is yet another aspect of Stephen’s character I admire and am lucky to enjoy.


Cameron Chell

CEO at Business Instincts Group – Calgary, Canada

Stephen has helped guide the Podium project not just as a consultant but seemingly as an engaged partner. Stephens deep knowledge and real-world experience has brought us extreme value. It is hard to imagine this project without Stephen’s input, energy and discipline. Stephen is a Rock Star when it comes to Results! I look forward to working with Stephen for the rest of my career and hope we can continue to merit him working with us.


Roger Swierstra

President at Iridium Risk Services – Calgary, Canada.

Stephen has done an excellent job of getting the key people within our organization focused on the things that matter in our business. In the 6 short months we have worked with Stephen, the results have been quite remarkable.


Kevin Ogle

President and CEO at Peregrin Asset Management – Calgary, Canada

Stephen has helped us focus on results for one of our operating companies, that has proven to be very successful. Without Stephen’s guidance, we would not have been able to capitalize on some opportunities, and we would have continued to focus on the wrong key performance indicators.


Jeremy Wilson

Senior Associate at Haven Tax & Accounting Services – Auckland, New Zealand.

Stephen is a highly respected and sought after business advisor who can work with anyone very easily. Stephen can analyze a business and very quickly determine what needs to happen for the business to grow and move forward. This ability would be wasted if it wasn’t for Stephen’s other skill; being a superlative communicator. Stephen is therefore a very unique individual who can add masses of value to virtually any business and it’s owners.


Clyde Colson

Managing Director at HR Profiling Solutions Limited – Auckland, New Zealand

Stephen is a talented and conscientious executive. He has a thorough and detailed knowledge of management skills and practices and uses them in his position as Chief Operating Officer at RESULTS.com. He is also a very able and knowledgeable business coach and it has been a pleasure working with him and noting the practical advice and assistance he has provided to his clients. I would have no hesitation in recommending Stephen as a mentor or in a management role because of his knowledge and integrity. His behavioural style suits his current position as he is direct, creative, innovative, determined but practical. Stephen is a decision-maker who enjoys challenges.


Ron Huntington

Founder, Past President, Emeritus Head Coach and Advisory Board Member at Gazelles International – Seattle, USA

Stephen is a consummate professional in his approach and execution. He is extremely thorough and creative in his approach to building value-based relationships with his Clients. I have found him to be a thoughtful and insightful in his role as a Coach and Consultant. He has a pragmatic orientation and knows both proven and revolutionary methods for accomplishing desired results. I recommend him highly.


Ben Ridler

CEO at RESULTS.com – Auckland, New Zealand

Stephen is the ultimate professional, he is diligent, reliable, knowledgeable and dedicated. I believe that Stephen’s ability to research and consolidate information will see him become a world authority on business best practice. In a team of rock stars, Stephen is always your goto guy for operations and execution. I’m very privileged to have him at Results.com


Maria Sipka

Co-Founder and Chief Evangelist at Linqia – San Francisco, USA

I’ve known Steve over the last 6 years through the Entrepreneur Organization and I have always found him to be of the highest integrity, positive outlook, extremely generous with his time and his network and a pleasure to be around. Steve is a ‘go-getter’ who gets things done and I admire his courage and ability to push life’s boundaries.


Dean Young

Director at BRAVEday – Auckland, New Zealand

Stephen was a fantastic help to us & our company through a period of significant change. We embarked on a major restructure and rebranding process, and with Stephen’s detailed knowledge we completed and met our objectives. He provided us with tools to set our goals and his structure and insight gave us the confidence we needed to continue forward in times of big change. I have no hesitation in recommending him & would use his services again without hesitation.


Christopher Miller

Senior Consultant and Strengths Coach at Gallup – Wellington, New Zealand

Stephen has an amazing depth of knowledge in evidence-based world’s best practice of leadership, management, strategic planning, marketing and business coaching techniques. He applies extraordinary discipline and focus to his working life and is fully committed to everything he takes on. Stephen expects high standards from those around him and drives others to push themselves to be the best they can be. I would not hesitate recommending Stephen for any business consultancy, coaching or leadership role.


Nan Palmero

Associate Director of Marketing and Communications at Texas A&M University – San Antonio, USA

Stephen is a top-notch leader who is always keeping his finger on the pulse of new business and technology. His passion for being best in class is evident in his efforts. Additionally, his calm and methodical approach enables others to become a greater success than they might expect. Stephen leaves people and places better than when he found them.


Andy McDowell

Chief storyteller at SMALLER – Auckland, New Zealand

Stephen is an amazing person to work with and he has an enormous capacity for getting things done. I could always rely on him to do what he said he would. Stephen has a hunger for learning and an innate ability to assimilate and disseminate information – a skill vital to developing Results’ service offering. He’s the kind of guy you want on your team.




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