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Book Stephen to speak on strategy execution and management best practices.

“Stephen is a world-class speaker and delivered his key messages crisply and clearly.
Our delegates were buzzing with anticipation about putting Stephen’s tools into action.”
— David Hadley, Sovereign Insurance

Speaker bio

Stephen Lynch is the author of the award-winning book; “Business Execution for RESULTS: a practical guide for leaders of small to mid-sized firms”. The book was judged Winner in the “Management” category of the 2014 Small Business Book Awards in the USA. He’s also written articles on strategy and management for The Economist magazine.

For two decades, Stephen has coached high-performance leadership teams worldwide and identified the patterns common to the most successful business leaders. You will learn practical, “battle-tested” management skills and principles to execute your company strategy faster, and foster a high-performance culture throughout your organization.

Stephen has delivered keynote presentations, webinars, and training workshops to tens of thousands of business leaders. Organizations that have engaged Stephen to speak include, Vistage (TEC), IT Nation, Young Presidents’ Organization (YPO), Entrepreneurs’ Organization (EO), and numerous franchise and industry organizations.

Fun facts: Stephen was “Mr. New Zealand” bodybuilding champion in 1993, and competed in New Zealand’s Strongest Man competition, a multi-disciplined event that had him harnessed to a Kenworth truck and pulling it along the road, rolling cars onto their sides, and lifting 410 Kg (903 lb) barbells. The event was described on TV as being like “a screen test for a Schwarzenegger movie”.



Once again, a HUGE thank you from YPO Alberta for your incredible insights. The feedback from your session was stellar (in fact, our overall Net Promoter Score for the retreat is at 90). You took time out of your busy calendar to help our chapter members learn from your experiences, and for that, we thank you so much. Thank you again, you’ve helped our members tremendously and we are forever grateful.
Stephen is one of the best presenters on the topic of business strategy and execution in the world. He spoke at many events for us, and he can pack a room anywhere from New Zealand to the American heartland. His speaking style is easy to understand and he is a true pleasure to work with. Whether you engage Stephen as a facilitator, coach, strategist, writer, or speaker, you will be extremely pleased with his work.
Tom Lombardo, – San Francisco
We engaged Stephen to speak at our conference to deliver a keynote presentation and 3 workshops. In the months leading up to the conference, Stephen regularly made himself available for us to work with him in order to ensure the examples he wove in with his material were relevant to our audience. Stephen is a world-class speaker and delivered his key messages crisply and clearly. Our delegates were buzzing with anticipation about putting Stephen’s tools into action. I would highly recommend Stephen to anyone who is looking to improve their business outcomes or drive results within their organisation.
I engaged Stephen to speak at our conference in New Zealand as a keynote speaker. He is deliberate and purposeful with his engagement and lives the adage of truly understanding the customer’s world before he puts forward a suggestion. He made the time to connect on a regular basis prior to the conference to learn more about our industry and how to deliver a relevant message to the audience. His keynote delivery was impactful and had the audience consider the importance of their strategy in an ever-changing world. I highly recommend Stephen for any of your conference or strategy needs.
Here are the reviews for your “Modern Management” workshop at the Entrepreneurs’ Organization conference in Utah. I agree with all of them; it was a fantastic session: Quality of content = 9.04, Structure and execution = 9.04, Take-home value = 9.41, Credibility and expertise of speaker = 9.41, Overall rating = 9.25.
We conduct a survey at the end of each Learning Day. One of the survey questions is “Please rate your guest speaker 1-10 (with 10 being excellent).” The average rating for your workshop was 8.95. Great stuff. Thanks again for sharing your expertise.
Thank you for your presentation on Saturday morning. I found it very insightful and helped me to tie together a number of my thoughts regarding ongoing strategy development, ongoing operations improvement, and ongoing operational excellence.
Thank you so much for your presentation to the MBA class. What an awesome display of intelligent realism. It’s had rave reviews and was the highlight of the course for many. Many students have requested your presentation so they can go over it again.

Book Stephen to speak on strategy execution and management best practices.