Teamwork Training

Stephen Lynch is the author of the award-winning book; “Business Execution for RESULTS – A practical guide for leaders of small to mid-sized firms”. The book was judged Winner in the “Management” category of the 2014 Small Business Book Awards in the USA. He’s also written articles on strategy and management for The Economist magazine.

Stephen previously managed a global team of more than 50 strategy consultants and has personally consulted with hundreds of companies in the USA, Canada, Australia, and New Zealand, assisting them with strategic planning, business execution, and management best practices.

Teamwork Training is undertaken by your management team as a group in a series of virtual, interactive workshops.

Strategies, technologies, and processes can be quickly copied by competitors. However, there is one source of sustainable competitive advantage that our competitors cannot easily copy, namely, how effectively you function as a team.

Think of a football team analogy. Your team might be filled with A-Players, but if the individuals cannot play well together as a team, you can be defeated by an opposing team with better teamwork. Whether it is your project teams, your functional departments, or your overall company, the more effectively you function as a team, the more likely you are to win the game.

Building an effective, cohesive team is simple, but that does not mean it is easy. Effective teamwork requires an understanding of common team dysfunctions, and the 5 key principles to overcoming them. These 5 principles are derived from the works of Patrick Lencioni.

Survey: We will use a survey instrument to measure the current level of “teamwork” before starting the training to get a baseline score. This survey can be re-administered every quarter to track improvements in teamwork

Workshops: Your team will participate in 6 interactive workshops which cover the following topics:

      • Introduction to the 5 Dysfunctions model – Review teamwork survey results
      • Build Trust – Improve communication. How to overcome our fears of giving direct feedback
      • Productive Conflict – How to argue and debate the issues in a constructive manner
      • Achieve Commitment – Agree on how decisions will be made, and rules for team alignment
      • Drive Accountability – How to confront colleagues who are doing things that hold the team back
      • Focus on Results – How to keep the score and focus on what really matters

Each of these 6 workshops will involve interactive discussions and input from all team members and are 60-90 minutes in duration. Teams will be asked to complete assignments in between each workshop to formalize the commitments made at each step.

In the workshops, you will experience a safe environment for personal vulnerability, radical truth-telling, and robust discussion. The team will collaborate to co-create your own unique set of “management principles” that everyone buys into, which will drive clearer agreements and stronger accountability throughout the organization.

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