Strategic Planning Fundamentals



This advanced course comprises multiple sub-modules and will teach you a step-by-step process to make robust strategic decisions and create a strategic plan for your organization in a simple format that will provide direction and focus for your team. This advanced  20-hour course is designed for CEOs and senior leadership team members. Strategic Planning is not an exercise in filling out boxes on a planning template, it’s about making robust decisions to set your organization up for future success.

“The DIY alternative to having Stephen personally show up to facilitate your strategic planning sessions”

Over the past two decades, Stephen has facilitated thousands of strategic planning sessions. He previously managed a global team of more than fifty strategy consultants and has personally coached hundreds of companies in the USA, Canada, Australia, and New Zealand to implement their plans effectively.

Stephen was also one of the founders of a strategy-execution dashboard software company when he lived in the USA. He had the rare privilege of viewing thousands of companies working to achieve their goals, and in this course, he will teach you how to avoid the mistakes that most companies make.

Some of the things you will learn include :

  • BHAG:** Create a compelling future vision for your company
  • Core Values: Create clear rules that define your culture, and guide behaviors
  • Core Purpose: Why you do what you do (beyond simply making money)
  • Target Market Customer:** Clearly define and focus on the needs of your ideal customer
  • Value Discipline (Generic Strategy):**  Know what “game” you are playing and make sure you are playing to win
  • Core, Context, and Non-Core (Products, Services, Activities): What to start doing, develop, acquire, stop doing, outsource, or not start at all
  • Strategic Positioning: Carve out and “own” a niche category in your industry
  • Key Benefits: Define the functional, economic, and emotional benefits you offer
  • Reasons to Believe: Communicate real reasons for your customers to believe you
  • Brand Promise: The blunt, overt promise that compels your target customers to take action
  • Industry Analysis:** Get a clear picture of how your industry is likely to evolve, and the moves you need to make to create a competitive advantage
  • Long-Term (3-to-5-Year) Strategic Moves:** The Top 3 moves to position your firm for industry competitive advantage
  • Numerical Targets (Strategic Milestones):** The milestones that measure the successful execution of your strategy
  • SWOT Analysis:** Confront your current reality and face the brutal facts
  • Key Initiatives and Strategic Projects (Big Rocks):** Short-term projects to address current issues and drive immediate progress

“These training courses teach the practical skills I wish I knew when I started my leadership journey”

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** Note: Modules marked with ** are made available free to clients working with Stephen to facilitate their strategic plan.