Why train managers?

Your company strategy will succeed or fail “in the middle”. Management training for your middle managers will have the largest impact on company performance.

This stems from the key role that middle managers play in supervising performance standards and deadlines, managing projects, running effective meetings, providing corrective feedback, and coaching employee performance. It may not be the most glamorous aspect of business, but it is where the key to higher performance lies. 

Stephen Lynch has designed a unique training course for managers who currently lead a team, or aspiring managers hoping to lead a team soon. Your management team will learn the practical skills required to successfully implement your company strategy, and learn how to foster a high-performance culture throughout your organization.

What makes this training different?

As a management consultant, Stephen Lynch has personally assisted hundreds of companies in the USA, Canada, Australia, and New Zealand with strategic planning and management best practices.

Stephen is the author of the award-winning book; “Business Execution for RESULTS – A practical guide for leaders of small to mid-sized firms” winner in the ‘Management’ category of the 2014 Small Business Book Awards in the USA. 

He’s written articles on strategy and management for The Economist magazine and delivered hundreds of training workshops around the world.

He’s built and managed sales teams, marketing teams, customer success teams, consulting teams, and project delivery teams in multiple industries: Pharmaceuticals, Management Consulting, SaaS, and E-Commerce Systems Integration.

Stephen was part of the leadership team for 13 years. He designed the consulting methodology and managed a global team of more than 50 strategy consultants. He helped design RESULTS’ SaaS software functionality, which aligned employee goals with company strategy and facilitated meetings and communications. He built a hugely popular management training course for the managers who used the software and evolved the training content over many years into these management training courses being offered to you now.

With unique insights into the operations of thousands of growth firms around the world, Stephen has seen what really works (and what doesn’t) in terms of strategic planning, goal setting, tracking performance, running effective meetings, training frontline managers, holding employees accountable, and coaching employee performance.

Stephen offers management training with videos and articles to teach best practices, multichoice exams to certify learning, and group workshops. But you want more than just theory. After each training module is completed, virtual Q&A “ask the expert” sessions are scheduled with Stephen for participants to discuss what they have learned, and get coaching on how to apply the training to solve real-life issues in your business. 

These discussion sessions are a unique benefit and major differentiator from other training programs. Your managers will learn practical skills and be able to immediately apply the training to create a high-performance culture throughout your organization.


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Interview with Stephen Lynch on the importance of training your middle managers to create high-performance teams.