Training Courses

Upgrade the capabilities of your management team.

“These training courses teach the skills I wish I knew when I started my leadership journey”

Stephen Lynch

What makes this training unique?

For two decades, Stephen has coached high-performance leadership teams worldwide and identified the patterns common to the most successful business leaders. You will learn practical, “battle-tested” management skills and principles to execute your company strategy faster, and foster a high-performance culture throughout your organization.

These self-paced video training courses include multichoice exams to certify learning, but it is more than just theory. You have the option to book virtual Q&A workshops with Stephen to discuss the principles contained in each course and troubleshoot real-life scenarios from your business. These discussion sessions are a unique benefit and major differentiator from other training. You will learn how to immediately apply the principles within your company. 

Training Courses

3 Hours

Meaningful Metrics (KPIs)

Identify and improve your metrics (KPIs), the critical success factors that drive the performance of your organization and functional teams.

  • The benefits of having the right metrics
  • Choose the right metrics for your business model
  • The proven way to set performance standards
  • Graphing and displaying metrics
  • Facilitate metrics review meetings effectively to drive results
  • Motivate your people with metrics
  • The dark side of performance measurement
  • Grading team performance
  • Praise people the right way
  • Hold people accountable for performance with “radical candor”
3 Hours

Implementing Projects and Tasks

Properly scope projects, get commitments you can count on, make progress visible, and hold your team accountable for getting things done on time.

  • Improve task compliance with good “task hygiene”
  • Overcome the “planning fallacy” with premortems
  • Scope Strategic Projects (Big Rocks) using the RACI model
  • Projects roles and accountability
  • Facilitate project meetings effectively to drive progress
  • After Action Review debrief meetings
  • Instill a “no-excuses” culture
  • The importance of processes and checklists
  • “Burn the Boats” to implement change
  • Grading team performance
3 Hours

Meetings With Impact

Run well-structured meetings that keep everyone focused and engaged, hold people accountable for performance, and achieve your goals faster.

  • Why most companies lack meeting discipline
  • Do you need to meet? Do you need to attend?
  • ​Understanding the ROI of meetings
  • The meeting cadence of high-performance companies
  • Proven agendas to run common meeting types
  • Meeting preparation and prework
  • The meeting facilitator’s role
  • Overcome the 5 common dysfunctions of teams
  • “Meeting rules” that drive superior outcomes
  • The importance of making progress visible
3 Hours

Hiring A-Players

Design and implement a disciplined hiring methodology to significantly increase your chances of hiring A-Players (top performers) for every role.

  • The problem with Jim Collins’ “right people on the bus” concept
  • Common hiring manager mistakes
  • A simplified version of the 5-step Topgrading method
  • Create scorecards for every role in your business
  • Interview candidates the right way
  • Red flags to watch out for with candidates
  • Decode reference checks and get the truth
  • Build an effective onboarding process
  • Grade and develop the talent on your team
  • How to retain your A-Players
3 Hours

Modern Management Skills

Leverage your time for maximum effectiveness, make decisions, delegate work, increase output, and coach your team for maximum effectiveness.

  • The difference between leadership and management
  • Why “be authentic” is bad advice for leaders
  • ​Manage your time for maximum leverage
  • Effective delegation skills
  • Prevent “reverse delegation”
  • Teach your people to make good decisions
  • Coaching skills and questioning skills
  • Managing virtual teams
  • Managing up – how to manage your boss
  • The top 7 reasons employees leave (and how to fix them)
20 Hours

Strategic Planning Fundamentals

Make robust strategic decisions and create a strategic plan for your organization in a simple format to provide direction and focus for your team.

  • Create a compelling future vision for your company
  • Create “real” core values to define your unique culture
  • Focus on the needs of your “bullseye” target customer
  • Define what is core, context, and non-core to your strategy
  • Strategically position your brand to own an industry niche
  • Know what “game” you are playing, and play to win
  • Understand industry forces and confront the brutal facts
  • Choose a long-term strategy to create a competitive advantage
  • Identify the milestones that measure successful strategy execution
  • Choose short-term projects that drive immediate progress

What Clients are Saying

Stephen’s strategy modules, and his personal consultations, have been absolutely essential in becoming the company we want to be. While Stephen has certainty and clarity backed by years of experience, he balances that with deference and accommodation to his client.
Joshua McKee
Atlas Staffing
Stephen enabled us to think far more clearly about our objectives, how to stay on track, how to hire/fire intelligently, and how to truly take responsibility for our actions. I truly believe that all companies, big and small, will benefit from his expertise.
David Harris
Stephen has been an absolute revelation to our company. Our company (one of America’s fastest-growing companies for 3 years in a row) is on a greater path to success. The team is 100% aligned, we know our goals, our next steps, and what’s going to get us there.
Mark Cave
I have learned so much from Stephen, not just by his teachings but by his actions. I have never met such a dedicated, proactive, and driven individual. Some people tell you what to do, but Stephen nurtures and trains you to be able to make those decisions on your own.
Colin Coggins
I had the privilege to be part of the Management Training program presented by Stephen with the HG Group team. His presentations are broken down into simple digestible parts that build together to enable you to learn and apply techniques with ease.
Elaine Du Preez
HG Group
I highly recommend Stephen and his process to help grow and improve your business. He has helped us develop our strategy and fine-tuned our execution with excellent results! The whole process has taken our company to another level.
Mike Fritz
DW Fritz Automation
I improved my management skills, and now I know how to assign, delegate, and follow up tasks to my direct reports in the most efficient way. Stephen is very responsive and helps you to solve any roadblocks you have on your way to success.
Virginia Sasaran
Luminos Labs
The best way I can describe what Stephen does is that he brings order out of chaos. Stephen helped improve many processes throughout the organization, from managing day-to-day tasks, to meeting cadences, to implementing company strategic projects.
Mary Burazin

You will learn practical, “battle-tested” management skills to execute your strategy faster,
and foster a high-performance culture throughout your organization.

Volume-based discounts are negotiable for companies wanting to train multiple members of their management teams.