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will you

Will you?

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A client CEO was struggling to get firm commitments from his team to get tasks done on time. Here were my 2 recommendations.

Know Thy Time

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How my client managers learn to spend a greater percentage of their time performing high-leverage, high-value tasks.
Cut yourself some slack

Cut yourself some slack!

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Build in 10% of your time each week as slack/buffer time or you run the risk of being “short-term efficient, long-term ineffective”

Walking 1 on 1 Meetings

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When I managed a consulting team in the USA, I would periodically conduct walking 1 on 1 meetings with my staff. I found this format particularly helpful when coaching poor performance.
Leadership hurdle rate

What is your Leadership Hurdle Rate?

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Just as my goal as a consultant is to maximize the value of each available consulting hour, your goal as a leader is to maximize the value of each available leadership hour. What is your “Leadership Hurdle Rate”?
The forgetting curve

The Forgetting Curve

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The Forgetting Curve (also known as the Ebbinghaus Forgetting Curve) represents the decline in memory retention we experience over time if no attempt is made to retain the information. Here’s how to beat it.

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