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hog the mic

Don’t Hog the Mic

Posted on
The process I use when facilitating strategic planning sessions to encourage all team members to speak, without letting anyone “hog the mic”
Turn the ship around

Turn The Ship Around

Posted on
The book “Turn the ship around” by David Marquet has much to recommend about it. However, I have some caveats when applying this military solution directly into a business environment
Personal Annual Review

Personal Annual Review

Posted on
As we move into a new year, I find it useful to conduct a personal annual review exercise with my executive coaching clients. I have seen it be a life-changing exercise on more than one occasion, with people making bold decisions that took them in new directions.
New Zealand Packhorse lobster

Business Lessons from Rock Lobsters

Posted on
I use the lobster analogy when I think of personal growth and organizational growth. Eventually, we bump into the limits of our current shells If we want to progress to the next level, we must break free from the old shell that binds us, and grow into a new, bigger shell.
Power Moves Conference

Workshop Presentation Lessons

Posted on
I presented 3 workshops for an inspiring group of New Zealand business founders. Here is my “After Action Review” of my workshop presentation lessons

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