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User Manual

Create a User Manual

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A “user manual” is a document that describes your personal preferences at work, how you like to operate, and how you like to communicate.
No excuses culture

No excuses culture

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To create a no excuses culture, create “Task Rules” and make it safe for people to challenge mediocrity. That’s what high-performing teams do. 
Implement Big Rocks

Implement Big Rocks!

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Some clients scramble to implement their Strategic Projects (aka Big Rocks) each quarter. Here is the framework I use to accelerate strategy execution.
1 on 1 meeting

1 on 1 Meetings

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Your #1 task as a manager is to coach and support your team. The 1 on 1 meeting is the most important use of your time, it’s where you “do…
GROW framework

Don’t chase the bone!

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Use the GROW framework to coach your team members to solve problems and make well-reasoned decisions without your input

How to Deliver Bad News

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Suggestions for how to deliver bad news in a way that keeps your team engaged and achieves a successful long-term outcome

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