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Activity metrics for sales managers

Activity Metrics for Sales Managers

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I encourage clients to track activity metrics for sales managers to ensure they spend enough time coaching sales rep interactions with customers
Prune the rosebush

Prune the Rosebush

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You must “prune the rosebush” to remove the products, services, activities, and people that aren’t “core” to your long-term success.
Manager of managers

Manager of Managers

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A common challenge faced by clients as their company scales is the role transition from “managing a team” to becoming a “manager of managers”.
customer effort score

Customer Effort Score (CES)

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Most clients use Net Promoter Score (NPS) to track customer loyalty. I recommend they add the Customer Effort Score (CES) to get a true picture of customer satisfaction.
18 month rule

The 18 Month Rule for Hiring

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I encourage my clients to apply the “18 Month Rule” when they are looking to hire a senior manager for one of their business functions.
4Q Conversations with Customers

4Q Conversations With Customers

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4Q Conversations are the 4 pieces of information you need to gather from each customer conversation to inform your company strategy.

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