Implementing Projects and Tasks

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Managers complain that Projects and Tasks seldom get completed on time. This course will teach you how to properly scope out the work, get commitments you can count on, make progress visible, and hold your team accountable for getting things done on time.

Please note, that this is not a complex “Project Management Professional (PMP)” qualification that professional project managers would be expected to undertake, rather it teaches everyday managers and team leaders how to implement Projects and Tasks more effectively. 

The course is designed for managers who currently lead a team, or aspiring managers hoping to lead a team soon. CEOs will also benefit from learning and teaching this proven methodology to all management personnel to ensure strategic projects (and other key business initiatives) are implemented effectively each and every quarter.

There is a multi-choice exam at the end of this module which you will need to “pass” in order to complete the course. You will need to view the videos and the articles to learn the topic fully and meet the learning requirements.

This course contains excerpts from the book by Stephen Lynch: “Business Execution for RESULTS: A practical guide for leaders of small to mid-sized firms” (winner in the ‘Management’ category of the 2014 Small Business Book Awards in the USA).

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