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Many companies say, “People are our most important asset”. But they don’t walk the talk. Their hiring process is not designed to optimize and grow that asset. I would modify this quote to say, “A-Players are your most important asset”.

A-Players are people who consistently deliver the agreed Results in their role and who consistently demonstrate your Core Values behaviors. You must deliver Results AND Behaviors to be considered an A-Player.

This training course will teach you how to hire and build a team full of “A-Players”, using a modified version of the Topgrading methodology. The course is designed for managers who currently lead a team, or aspiring managers hoping to lead a team soon. CEOs will also benefit from learning and teaching this proven methodology to all management personnel to ensure strategic projects (and other key business initiatives) are implemented effectively each and every quarter.

There is a multi-choice exam at the end of this module which you will need to “pass” in order to complete the course. You will need to view the videos and the articles to learn the topic fully and meet the learning requirements.

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