Strategic Planning

Strategic Planning with Stephen Lynch – proven frameworks to create and execute your strategic plan

Playbook to Survive a Downturn

Playbook to Survive a Downturn

Playbook for how to Survive a Downturn – excerpts from an article by Pete Flint

KPI Best Practices from Amazon

KPI Best Practices from Amazon

Summary of a chapter from the book “Working Backwards”, about how Amazon uses metrics – key performance indicators (KPIs)

Why Do Strategy Anyway?

Why Do Strategy Anyway

Why do strategy anyway? The case for and against strategic planning.

The MAYA Formula

MAYA is an acronym for “Most Advanced Yet Acceptable”. To sell something surprising, make it familiar. To sell something familiar, make it surprising.

Military Strategy vs Business Strategy

How applicable is Military Strategy to Business Strategy?

Business Lessons from a Champion Bodybuilder

Business lessons from competitive bodybuilding: Setting a BHAG, Core vs Non-Core Activities, Key Performance Indicators (KPI)

Annual Strategic Review

A proven process to run your annual strategic planning meeting and create a winning strategy that will set you up for future success in your industry

Business Lessons from Team of Teams

McChrystal is a controversial character, but there were great takeaways in this book. Here is my summary of the key business lessons from Team of Teams

Overcoming Cognitive Bias

In this article, I focus on a selection of cognitive biases and provide suggestions for how to inoculate ourselves from them

Survivorship Bias – Don’t Believe the Hype

Survivorship bias is our tendency to study the people or companies who “survived” or were victorious while ignoring those that failed. Learn why this is a mistake.