Metrics – Key Performance Indicators

Stephen Lynch’s guide to how to identify and manage your key metrics or key performance indicators (KPI). The critical numbers that drive results

KPI Best Practices from Amazon

KPI Best Practices from Amazon

Summary of a chapter from the book “Working Backwards”, about how Amazon uses metrics – key performance indicators (KPIs)

Business Lessons from a Champion Bodybuilder

Business lessons from competitive bodybuilding: Setting a BHAG, Core vs Non-Core Activities, Key Performance Indicators (KPI)

How to be Great At Work

Adopt these 7 “work smart” practices which have been shown in the research to be the key drivers of performance

Does writing down goals really work?

The 1953 Yale goal setting study is a myth. Does writing down goals actually work? Yes, but with provisos.

The Tyranny of Metrics (Book Review)

The side-effects of poor metric choices. Beware of letting measures replace your good judgment of “What is the right thing to do here?”

How to Set SMART Goals (The Right Way)

How to set SMART Goals that everyone clearly understands, is happy with, and fully committed to achieving.

The Dark Side of Transparency

McKinsey article, The Dark Side of Transparency describes extreme edge cases and does not negate the benefits of running a transparent organization

Radical Transparency Drives Business Execution

With radical transparency, everyone can see how the team is performing, and everyone gets treated fairly according to their performance

Traffic lights and Performance Thresholds

How to use the red, yellow, green traffic light concept to color-code the performance of your Metrics KPI scores

Numerical Targets / Strategic Milestones

Numerical Targets – the numbers that measure progress toward your BHAG and long-term 3 to 5 year strategic moves