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The Triple Peak Workday

Triple Peak Workday

A Microsoft study shows the average workday has expanded by 1 hour, and 30% of people resume work after dinner

Asynchronous Daily Huddles

asynchronous daily huddle

How to run an asynchronous daily huddle with geographically dispersed teams to coordinate work and coach people more effectively

Do I Need to Attend That Meeting?

Do I need to attend meeting

Managers get invited to a lot of meetings, but not every meeting is important. Use these rules to figure out which meetings to attend

Leadership Productivity – The Magic 2 Hours

Leadership productivity

My number 1 leadership productivity lesson: Carve out and fiercely protect 2 hours of uninterrupted time every day to do “The One Thing”

The Trust Equation

Use the “Trust Equation” to determine, diagnose, and repair trust in your organization

American “Hustle Culture”

American “Hustle Culture” and its impact on work hours

5 Management Myths

Unpacking 5 myths about management

How to Write Better Emails

Communicate clearly, avoid misunderstandings, and save time. Making time to craft a better email saves time (for everyone) over the long run.


If you’re not saying HELL YEAH about an opportunity, say NO

How to be Great At Work

Adopt these 7 “work smart” practices which have been shown in the research to be the key drivers of performance