Hiring Best Practices

Stephen Lynch’s guide to hiring best practices to teach managers how to hire, onboard, and coach your team more effectively

The Trust Equation

Use the “Trust Equation” to determine, diagnose, and repair trust in your organization

Face to Face Tandem Interview

The Face to Face Tandem Interview is a 3 hour interview. 1 person asks the questions and 1 person observes the candidate’s body language and takes notes

Reference Check Interview

Reference check interviews must be conducted before any hiring decisions are made. Implement a hiring policy: “No reference checks = No job offer.” 

How to Hire A-Players

My summarized version of the Topgrading methodology that will significantly increase your chances of hiring A-Players for every role

How to Grade and Coach Your Team

A process for grading the performance of your team members to create a coaching plan for each person.

Create Your Own User Manual

How to create a “manager user manual” to clarify and communicate your personal expectations and preferred working environment with team members

Career History Form

Rather than look at resumes, send a survey called a “Career History Form” that asks the job applicant to tell you exactly what you want to know.

How to Create Role Scorecards

The Role Scorecard is more than a job description. It is the checklist against which everything must be ticked before making a hiring decision

How to Give Feedback to Top Performers

It’s counter-intuitive, but you gain more management leverage and better long-term results by spending most of your time coaching your A-Players.

The Power Of Checklists

If you want to scale your business, checklists and proven processes are essential for delivering outcomes of a consistently high standard