Business Playlist

Stephen Lynch’s business playlist of “articles that made me think”, curated for business leaders who enjoy learning, pondering difficult issues, and having their paradigms challenged.

Inconvenient Truths About Teams

Inconvenient truths about teams

Good teams take time, 6 to 8 people is optimal, they need to work closely together, and the leader needs to be focused

Playbook to Survive a Downturn

Playbook to Survive a Downturn

Playbook for how to Survive a Downturn – excerpts from an article by Pete Flint

The Triple Peak Workday

Triple Peak Workday

A Microsoft study shows the average workday has expanded by 1 hour, and 30% of people resume work after dinner

Why Do Strategy Anyway?

Why Do Strategy Anyway

Why do strategy anyway? The case for and against strategic planning.

The MAYA Formula

MAYA is an acronym for “Most Advanced Yet Acceptable”. To sell something surprising, make it familiar. To sell something familiar, make it surprising.

The Trust Equation

Use the “Trust Equation” to determine, diagnose, and repair trust in your organization

American “Hustle Culture”

American “Hustle Culture” and its impact on work hours

5 Management Myths

Unpacking 5 myths about management

Making Sense of Web3

Making sense of Web3

Military Strategy vs Business Strategy

How applicable is Military Strategy to Business Strategy?