Execution – Projects & Tasks

Stephen Lynch’s guide to managing projects and tasks and holding people accountable to execute your strategy more effectively

The 4 Skills Of Effective Frontline Managers

4 skills correlate with the success of frontline managers: Solve problems. Focus on results. Seek different perspectives. Support others

Countdown Days to Achieve Goals

Reduce procrastination by tracking goals using a countdown timer of the “number of days” left until the due date.

The Numbers Don’t Lie. Or Do They?

We say “The numbers don’t lie” but when using software dashboards the numbers can lie if your Metrics, Projects, and Tasks are not kept up to date.

How To Run An Effective Weekly Team Meeting

Everyone is held firmly accountable for performance and leaves the weekly team meeting with clarity about what actions they need to take

You Need Good Data to Run a Good Meeting

You need good data to run a good meeting. Without current accurate data, you cannot be effective as a manager. You are flying blind.

Business Flameout

There are three main reasons for business flameout when it comes to strategy execution: Lack of focus. Lack of data. Ineffective meetings.

The importance of highly disciplined meetings

Companies that ran well-structured, highly disciplined meetings every week achieve superior results. Use these proven meeting agendas.

The Power Of Checklists

If you want to scale your business, checklists and proven processes are essential for delivering outcomes of a consistently high standard

Weekly 1 on 1 Meetings – The Most Important Use of a Manager’s Time 

The key success discipline that top-performing managers routinely practice is a regular weekly 1 on 1 meeting with each of their direct reports.

How To Run A Daily Huddle

A well-run Daily Huddle will accelerate business execution. It is a great discipline to keep teams informed, aligned, and focused.