Execution – Projects & Tasks

Stephen Lynch’s guide to managing projects and tasks and holding people accountable to execute your strategy more effectively

What is the Difference Between KPIs and OKRs?

OKRs are not KPIs. OKRs are not strategy either. OKRs are goals (objectives) with measurable outcomes (results). Learn the difference between KPI and OKR here

Business Leadership Is Not A Democracy

Business leadership is not a democracy and decision making by committee is a recipe for mediocrity

Net Promoter Score – Do You Want Customers to be Satisfied or Loyal?

Do you want your spouse to be satisfied, or loyal? See the difference? Net Promoter Score (NPS) is a measure of customer loyalty.

What Really Works: The 4+2 Formula

I commend the authors for addressing the survivorship bias issue by studying both winners and losers. Here’s is my summarized take of the key findings

How to Improve Accountability in a Family Business

If you are named CEO of a family business, it is your role to ensure all staff and family members are held accountable to achieve the agreed standards.

The Pulse of Business Metrics

How frequently do we need to take the pulse of this metric to make sure it is healthy, or take corrective action in a timely manner?

Should Metrics (KPI) Be Linked to Remuneration?

Metric (KPI) performance in any role should be a given. They are just your “ticket to the game” and should not be linked to individual incentive payments

Benefits of Having the Right Metrics / KPI (Key Performance Indicators)

The right metrics (KPI) help you clarify performance expectations, manage people more objectively, and drive business execution

The Dark Side of Goal Setting

Goal setting has many beneficial effects, but there is a potential for significant side-effects if goals are not well thought through.

Middle Managers Drive Business Execution

Middle managers may be the most important people in your company. Front line supervisors have a greater impact on company performance than any other role.