Execution – Projects & Tasks

Stephen Lynch’s guide to managing projects and tasks and holding people accountable to execute your strategy more effectively

Giving Feedback To Top Performers

The higher the performer, the more frequently you should be giving feedback. You gain more management leverage coaching your A-Players

How To Delegate

A proven 7 step delegation checklist that many managers find useful when learning how to delegate.

When To Delegate

If you do not delegate effectively as a manager you become a bottleneck to company growth. You must learn how to get things done through others

Radical Transparency Drives Business Execution

With radical transparency, everyone can see how the team is performing, and everyone gets treated fairly according to their performance

The Manager’s Role

The Manager’s role: Increase the output of the team. Spend most of your time performing tasks that only someone in the manager’s role can do.

Metrics For Roles That Are Hard to Quantify

Every role should have a Metric? Easier said than done. Here’s my recommendations for metrics for roles that are hard to quantify

Are You Playing To Win?

My personal take on the “Strategy Traps to Avoid” lessons contained in the book “Playing to Win” by Roger Martin

Burn The Boats to Implement Change

Burn the boats means people must understand that change is going to happen, and more importantly, there is “no going back” to the old way

How To Make Good Decisions

To give people full autonomy to make and implement decisions, I recommend the decision making approach recommended by Peter Drucker

The One Thing

Focus on less to achieve more. What is “the one thing”, the most important task that can be completed this week to achieve the goal?