Business Execution

A Practical Guide for Leaders of Small to Mid-Sized Firms.
2014 Winner, of the “Management” Category
USA Small Business Book Awards.

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What People are Saying

As someone who reads a minimum of 100 business books a year, I absolutely love this book. If you want a book that can give you the fundamentals of how to create a focused strategy and then effectively execute it, this would be one of the best I’ve ever seen.
John spence
Top 50 Global Business Thought Leader
No matter how good your organization already is, at minimum, you’ll walk away with 5 new golden nuggets that will take your business to the next level. Lays out a great step-by-step checklist of the things you can immediately implement to drive better results & performance.
Joao Duarte
VP Professional Services, ServiceRocket
Stephen has written the definitive guide on business strategy execution. Concise, easy to follow, and full of great advice on how to deliver on your strategy. I enjoyed the stories which accompany the guide as they really brought the processes and techniques alive.
Andrew Ritchie
Franchise Business Manager, Refresh Renovations
I thought the book provided an engaging and well-researched overview of what it takes to build a successful business. It also provides a strong framework for day-to-day execution and accountability. It’s a fairly quick read and the information is highly actionable.
Dan Clifford
Co-Founder & Managing Partner, AnswerLab
I’ve read a lot of business books and I’ve led a small business. Stephen’s book is very good, among the best, most usable business books I’ve read. He offers personal anecdotes that capture your attention, and engage you in the story that illustrates the next lesson.
Zane Safrit
Consultant, Author
If you’re a business owner, as I am, there comes a time when you wish you had a trusted advisor by your side to help you sort through your options. Fortunately, Stephen Lynch is one of those people and he’s taken the time to capture his experience, knowledge, and wisdom.
Scott Eblin
Top 10 Coaches in the World