How to Create your Brand Promise

Your Brand Promise is supported by your 3 key benefits and tells your target market customer what they can expect to receive from your brand

How to Strategically Position Your Brand

Your Strategic Position (brand position) is the concept you want your target market customers to think of when they hear your brand name

Core, Context, and Non-Core

How to choose which Products, Services, Activities are Core and which are Non-Core when it comes to implementing business strategy

Identify the Key Benefits of Your Brand

How to identify and communicate the three key benefits of your brand – functional benefits, economic benefits, emotional benefits

Growth Stall Points

Most company growth stall points are preventable and are related to the strategic decisions you made in the past.

The Manager’s Role

The Manager’s role: Increase the output of the team. Spend most of your time performing tasks that only someone in the manager’s role can do.

Metrics For Roles That Are Hard to Quantify

Every role should have a Metric? Easier said than done. Here’s my recommendations for metrics for roles that are hard to quantify

Are You Playing To Win?

My personal take on the “Strategy Traps to Avoid” lessons contained in the book “Playing to Win” by Roger Martin

Burn The Boats to Implement Change

Burn the boats means people must understand that change is going to happen, and more importantly, there is “no going back” to the old way

How To Make Good Decisions

To give people full autonomy to make and implement decisions, I recommend the decision making approach recommended by Peter Drucker