Managing Up – How To Manage​ Your Boss

Managing up involves clarifying expectations and making sure your performance is aligned to the goals and wishes of your boss

How to Give Feedback to Top Performers

It’s counter-intuitive, but you gain more management leverage and better long-term results by spending most of your time coaching your A-Players.

Giving Feedback To Top Performers

The higher the performer, the more frequently you should be giving feedback. You gain more management leverage coaching your A-Players

Don’t Be Agile, Be Smart Agile

A winning strategy is not about being agile, it’s about being “smart agile”. It’s about making wise strategic choices, not changing fast.

Projects and Tasks

A Task is a single unit of work that needs to be accomplished within a Project. Here are best practices for driving project implementation.

How To Delegate

A proven 7 step delegation checklist that many managers find useful when learning how to delegate.

When To Delegate

If you do not delegate effectively as a manager you become a bottleneck to company growth. You must learn how to get things done through others

Radical Transparency Drives Business Execution

With radical transparency, everyone can see how the team is performing, and everyone gets treated fairly according to their performance

Traffic lights and Performance Thresholds

How to use the red, yellow, green traffic light concept to color-code the performance of your Metrics KPI scores

Numerical Targets / Strategic Milestones

Numerical Targets – the numbers that measure progress toward your BHAG and long-term 3 to 5 year strategic moves