Create Your Own User Manual

How to create a “manager user manual” to clarify and communicate your personal expectations and preferred working environment with team members

Career History Form

Rather than look at resumes, send a survey called a “Career History Form” that asks the job applicant to tell you exactly what you want to know.

Less is More

Less is more. It is better to do less and do it well than to take on too many things and spread yourself too thin. Focus on less to achieve more

How to Create Role Scorecards

The Role Scorecard is more than a job description. It is the checklist against which everything must be ticked before making a hiring decision

How to Set SMART Goals (The Right Way)

How to set SMART Goals that everyone clearly understands, is happy with, and fully committed to achieving.

The Dark Side of Transparency

McKinsey article, The Dark Side of Transparency describes extreme edge cases and does not negate the benefits of running a transparent organization

One Page Strategic Plan Benefits

My top 3 one page strategic plan benefits: Get everyone on the same page. Focus on what is truly strategic. Teach strategy to your staff.

The Cadence of Strategy Execution

The Quarterly Strategic Review and the Annual High-Level Strategic Review form the core of the cadence that drives strategy execution

The Real Difference Between Leadership and Management

Leadership and management are functional roles to be performed, not a statement about what sort of person you are. Both functions are vital to business success.

One Page Strategic Plan Overview

An overview of the strategic decisions and content you need to capture on a one-page strategic plan for your business