No excuses culture

To create a high-performance, no excuses culture, start by implementing these management best practices.

Does writing down goals really work?

The 1953 Yale goal setting study is a myth. Does writing down goals actually work? Yes, but with provisos.

Open vs Closed Door Management

Carve out 2 hours of uninterrupted time to get “The One Thing” done every day. Then set aside “open door” times for team members to speak with you.

The 70-20-10 Ratio

The 70-20-10 ratio has several applications: Time allocation in meetings; Resource allocation for driving innovation, Job training

The Tyranny of Metrics (Book Review)

The side-effects of poor metric choices. Beware of letting measures replace your good judgment of “What is the right thing to do here?”

What is a Strategic Project?

A client asked, “What is the difference between a Strategic Project and a regular Project?” Here are my definitions:

Lessons In Culture From The All Blacks

Core Values. The All Blacks call this “Inventing your own language”. You create a vocabulary that binds your culture together.

Closing The Strategy Execution Gap

I have a saying, “Successful Business Execution is 20% getting clear about what needs to be done, and 80% following up to make sure it actually gets done”

How to Grade and Coach Your Team

A process for grading the performance of your team members to create a coaching plan for each person.

Create Your Own User Manual

How to create a “manager user manual” to clarify and communicate your personal expectations and preferred working environment with team members