Making Sense of Web3

Making sense of Web3

Military Strategy vs Business Strategy

How applicable is Military Strategy to Business Strategy?

How to Write Better Emails

Communicate clearly, avoid misunderstandings, and save time. Making time to craft a better email saves time (for everyone) over the long run.

6 Psychologically Damaging Things to Say

6 Psychologically damaging things parents (and managers) say, and what to say instead

Commitment is Undervalued. Pinker vs Sutherland

David Perell on why we need to be more willing to commit. Rory Sutherland and Steven Pinker have a friendly debate.

The Shelf Life of Expertise. Drucker Misquotes

Morgan Housel on the decreasing shelf life of domain expertise. Peter Drucker misquotes.

Insights from Alchemy

Insights from the book Alchemy by Rory Sutherland. Hat tips to big thinkers Tom Morgan and Jim OShaughnessy.

Predicting the Future

Predicting the future. Overview of articles discussing big macro changes from Daniel Jeffries and Howard Marks

Who is Believable?

Cedric Chin and Ray Dalio on believability. Why many business books and Ted Talks are full of B.S.

Crazy Leadership Wisdom. Complexity

Wally Bock on leadership wisdom that drives him crazy. Cedric Chin on complex adaptive systems.

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