Strategy Lessons from Fighter Pilots

Strategy Lessons From Fighter Pilots

The OODA loop (Observe, Orient, Decide, Act) has become an important concept in both military strategy and business strategy.

Overworked And Overwhelmed?

Being always on call and always working comes at the cost of our long-term productivity and physical well being

How to Hold People Accountable

How to hold people accountable (weed the garden) and give corrective feedback to staff whose results or behaviors are below the agreed standard.

The 5 to 1 Ratio For Management

5 Parts Praise, 1 Part Discipline. Managers of high performing teams practice “tough love”. They give lots of praise, but hold people firmly accountable.

I Never Liked the Jim Collins Bus Analogy

Jim Collins says, “Get the right people on the bus”. This analogy is flawed and demeaning. I propose an alternative – The Viking Longship Business Analogy

How To Praise People The Right Way

Learn how to praise people the right way to engage your employees, reduce staff turnover, boost productivity, and increase profitability

How to Overcome the Planning Fallacy

Overcome the Planning Fallacy so that you scope out projects more accurately and improve the execution of your strategic projects

How to Deliver Bad News

A process to control how bad news is delivered, and maximize your potential for a successful long-term outcome.

The 5 P’s of Productive Meetings

Meetings can help you be more productive. They can actually save you time if you incorporate The 5 P’s of Productive Meetings.

How to Identify Your Target Market Customer

Learn how to identify your ideal target market customer. Your business strategy and marketing communications will be more effective.