You Need Good Data to Run a Good Meeting

You need good data to run a good meeting. Without current accurate data, you cannot be effective as a manager. You are flying blind.

Business Flameout

There are three main reasons for business flameout when it comes to strategy execution: Lack of focus. Lack of data. Ineffective meetings.

The importance of highly disciplined meetings

Companies that ran well-structured, highly disciplined meetings every week achieve superior results. Use these proven meeting agendas.

The Power Of Checklists

If you want to scale your business, checklists and proven processes are essential for delivering outcomes of a consistently high standard

Weekly 1 on 1 Meetings – The Most Important Use of a Manager’s Time 

The key success discipline that top-performing managers routinely practice is a regular weekly 1 on 1 meeting with each of their direct reports.

How To Run A Daily Huddle

A well-run Daily Huddle will accelerate business execution. It is a great discipline to keep teams informed, aligned, and focused.

Progress – The Power of Small Wins

When people can see tangible progress and experience “small wins” often, they become more engaged and productive.

Energize And Engage Your Team

Employees are more energized, engaged, and productive when they get time for breaks, feel valued, are able to focus, and are aligned to your core purpose

Hierarchy is Good?

Google found that managers are critical to successful operations and that “good managers” increase job satisfaction and employee retention

How To Manage Highly Productive Virtual Teams

Lessons from (more than) 10 years of running highly productive virtual teams. These management disciplines will keep your people focused and aligned.