Should Metrics (KPI) Be Linked to Remuneration?

Metric (KPI) performance in any role should be a given. They are just your “ticket to the game” and should not be linked to individual incentive payments

Benefits of Having the Right Metrics / KPI (Key Performance Indicators)

The right metrics (KPI) help you clarify performance expectations, manage people more objectively, and drive business execution

How to Identify Your Metrics / KPI (Key Performance Indicators)

How to identify your Key Metrics (aka Key Performance Indicators or KPI), the critical success factors that drive your current business model

The GROW Method For Coaching People

Use the GROW method to coach your team members to solve problems and make great decisions without you

The Dark Side of Goal Setting

Goal setting has many beneficial effects, but there is a potential for significant side-effects if goals are not well thought through.

Middle Managers Drive Business Execution

Middle managers may be the most important people in your company. Front line supervisors have a greater impact on company performance than any other role.

The 4 Skills Of Effective Frontline Managers

4 skills correlate with the success of frontline managers: Solve problems. Focus on results. Seek different perspectives. Support others

Countdown Days to Achieve Goals

Reduce procrastination by tracking goals using a countdown timer of the “number of days” left until the due date.

The Numbers Don’t Lie. Or Do They?

We say “The numbers don’t lie” but when using software dashboards the numbers can lie if your Metrics, Projects, and Tasks are not kept up to date.

How To Run An Effective Weekly Team Meeting

Everyone is held firmly accountable for performance and leaves the weekly team meeting with clarity about what actions they need to take